I have bought and leased cars for over forty years. My father was in the car business so I am no stranger to the two-sided (wholesale/retail) deal calculations used during the negotiations of a car deal. Because of this insight into their side of the deal, I actually enjoy the negotiation process.

This past December, the lease for my Audi SQ5 was terminating so I was reluctantly in the market for a new car. I say reluctantly because it was definitely not a buyers’ market. I began the process with the presumption that I would just buy my lease vehicle because the residual on the lease was below the market value and dealer’s were demanding premiums on new SQ5’s.

Jerry was able to provide me with a wealth of data – dealer’s cost, dealer holdback, average selling price, lease rate, residual, cost of money, value of lease return vs. residual – going into this process. Normally, I do my best to research as much of this as possible but am never confident my data is 100% accurate. I knew Jerry’s data was spot-on.

Armed with this data, I was able to go to multiple dealers, tell them what I was willing to pay, knowing that it was not a deal they would like but that it was a fair offer that another dealer would be likely to take. And, that is what happened.

I got a few rejections of my offer but, eventually, those dealers started calling back when they knew I was continuing my search. I literally received a call from the dealer with the car I actually wanted as I was sitting down to sign lease papers with another dealer. They accepted my offer.

I saved over $5,000 by using Jerry’s services.

The last thing the dealer asked me as I was signing my lease papers was, “who is Jerry”? They knew they had been dealing with someone who knew what they were doing.

Don’t make the mistake of going into your next deal without arming yourself.

I worked with Jerry to purchase my 2022 Toyota Sienna. It had been almost 10 years since we were in the market to purchase a car, and the landscape for purchasing a vehicle has changed drastically. Jerry helped us navigate the significant drop in supply and increase in demand. He saved us thousands on the total cost of our Sienna and hundreds on our monthly payment. We highly recommend working with Jerry Kramer if you are in the market to purchase or lease a vehicle!

I can’t thank Jerry enough for assisting me with my new car purchase and the sale of my previous vehicle. I find the whole process overwhelming and wanted to make sure I got a fair price on both ends of the transaction. Jerry helped me get a better deal than I could’ve imagined on the exact Toyota Sienna I wanted as well as getting much more than I expected when I sold my used vehicle. It was an excellent experience overall and I can’t recommend him enough! I will definitely be using him for all vehicle purchases going forward.

Jerry made what is an entirely uncomfortable transaction (for me) seamless and pain free from our first interaction to the day I signed on the dotted line! From start to finish, the entire process was handled with care; I felt supported, cared for and I knew I was in the best of hands. By the time I was ready to leave the dealership, the team at Audi was asking me who Jerry was - he negotiated every last detail -everyone was wildly impressed! I got an incredible deal because I was armed with all of the information needed to ensure that outcome. I'm so grateful and I love my new car!